Friday, February 28, 2014

Part Two: Downton Abbey Report Cards--Violet, Cora, Robert, Isabelle

This is second in the series of Downton Abbey Report Cards. Check out part one to see comments on Tom, Mary, Edith, and the Kitchen Triangle!


Violet Crawley:  What a joy it is to have Violet in my class! Her sharp wit is very entertaining. We will be moving Violet into the Gifted program. She performs well above her peers. I’m concerned she may become bored and stifled. -Mrs. McCormick

Translation: This kid cracks me up!!!  I know I shouldn’t laugh, but when she zinged Tom the other day about knowing how to steer, I could hardly keep a straight face. I am worried she’s bored. This curriculum SUCKS, hardly worthy of a kid of her talents. I hope she doesn’t transfer to another school.  Without her, I don’t know how I could face this group. -Mrs. M

Cora Crawley: Cora is a very nice girl, who never causes any problems.  -Mrs. McCormick

Translation: Cora is a very nice girl, who never causes any problems. THAT'S THE PROBLEM! The other day I looked right at her, sitting quietly in the back of the classroom, and couldn’t remember her name. Give me something, Cora, ANYTHING! -Mrs. M

Robert Crawley: Robert is doing well since his placement in our Special Education class. He tries hard, but problem solving is very difficult for him. At times he can be stubborn and refuses help from those around him. When this occurs, his assignments are disastrous. I’m so glad he’s taken to Isis, our therapy dog. It does seem to be helping with his temper issues. -Mrs. McCormick

Translation: Explaining things to Robert is like explaining things to a balloon. The other day I asked Mary to help him with his assignment. First he yelled, then he pouted. When he calmed down enough, he saw Mary was right. It can’t be fun to feel so dumb ALL THE TIME. I’m trying to be sympathetic, but teaching that entitled blue blood is maddening! At least the dog likes him. -Mrs. M

Isabelle Crawley: Isabelle is a delightful student. I know she’s struggled since the death of her son, but she is very resilient. I do think she might have a bit of detective in her. The other day my letter opener went missing, and she methodically discovered its whereabouts! One thing you might discuss with her is her tendency to Mother Hen. I know she means well, but sometimes she oversteps, creating friction with the other students. Socially, she’s doing well. She and Violet have become good friends. We have a new boy in class, who also seems interested in getting to know her. -Mrs. McCormick

Translation: Thank goodness I can count on Isabelle to police this three ring circus. She sniffs out injustice like a blood hound. I’m not all that surprised by her friendship with Violet. They’re both strong personalities, and quite frankly, they keep each other in check. On a different note, what is it with that new kid?! (I can never remember his name...) He’s all over Isabelle. I can’t tell if she likes it or not. Better keep an eye on things.  -Mrs. M

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