Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sorting Candy...Laments of a Kid

What's the first thing you did as a kid when you got home from a night of trick-or-treating? You dumped out the bag and sorted everything into love/hate piles. If you were lucky, your "love" pile was a lot bigger than your "hate." I wasn't a picky eater, so I viewed the majority of my loot as a successful score. That said, there were a few items I slid over to the other side, particularly these: 

So strong is my opinion on bad Halloween treats, I've written up a guideline of sorts. Read and learn!

Halloween Sort
Michelle McCormick

This bag is full.
It weighs a ton!
I’m heading home.
My night is done.

Pour it out.
Stuff I love.
Stuff I hate.

Black Licorice?
YUCK!! I’ll  pass.
I don’t eat stuff
that smells like gas!

My candy nightmare:
peanut chews.
They smell and taste
like Grandma’s shoes!

A box of raisins?
I’m gonna cry!
Don’t people know
the treats to buy?

I’m getting worried
What’s all this junk?
Where’s the
Chocko Chocky Chunks?

Seven pennies?
Who gives MONEY?
This isn’t funny!

Toothbrush, apples,
Everyone’s a
candy miser!

But WAIT! What’s that?
Could it be?
It’s bright and round
and sugary…

A green jaw breaker.
Now this is GREAT!
It’s the only candy
my mom will hate!

I pop it in,
then spit it out.

Who gave a brussel sprout?!


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